About Appenzell

Every time we shop for food we make a choice that affects the world around us. It gives us an opportunity to vote on many important food issues. Everything from dependance on fossil fuels, to the cruel vs. humane treatment of animals, to use of chemicals and pesticides to the food’s effect on our health. It is a truly important decision that we far too often take for granted in the name of convenience and low cost.

We recognize the many problems with our current food system and are working to become a part of the solution. Such a solution is for us and for farms like ours more of a path we are traveling than a destination we have already arrived at. While we have many years of work and development ahead of us, we are committed to a course that leads to sustainability and utilizes organic techniques, humane treatment of our naturally raised animals, and a constant renewal and improvement of the land.

We appreciate and depend on your support. As such we are open about our farming practices and are committed to educating the community about what we are doing and why, while also being open to input.


Appenzell Farm is a family farming venture founded in 2008. We have long enjoyed the bounties of our own gardens and orchards and decided to start on a path to expand and share these bounties with others.

The name “Appenzell” comes from our ancestral home in the beautiful canton of Appenzell, Switzerland. Our heritage reminds us of what our food and agriculture should be; simple, natural, and sustainable. We move forward, utilizing valuable modern techniques and technologies while not forgetting lessons from the past.

The Appenzell Team

Appenzell Farm is made possible by a dedicated family team of creative and innovative specialists. We are a happy family that enjoys working together, sharing a vision, and uniting our talents to make that vision possible.

Jesse and Rachel Corbridge are serious about chickens (and all the other animals on the farm). Jesse manages the pastured egg and meat side of the farm, researches and tests different methods, improves and innovates to improve the flow of the farm. Rachel is the creative mind behind the egg patterns, the blog, and Facebook page. Both Jesse and Rachel stay up late chasing predators, catching chickens or solving whatever new dilemma is facing the farm that wasn’t apparent until 11:30 p.m. Contact: jesse@appenzellfarm.com

Barbie Corbridge is the gardening specialist and manages on-farm egg sales. Since 1989 when the  farm house was built she has planted over 1000 trees and continually expanded the gardens. It is because of her curiosity and persistence that Appenzell Farm grows varieties of trees, fruits and vegetables that are uncommon in Northern Utah. She spends her winters searching seed catalogs, her early springs planting starts, her summers weeding and tending, and her harvest season canning, freezing, and concocting.

Don Corbridge is the owner of Corbridge Building Services and specializes in renovating historic homes. You can see his renovations throughout Hyde Park and Smithfield Utah. On the farm he manages the pastures that support the animals, and offers his wisdom and experience in all other aspects.



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